In a flash, we can produce fantastic images to keep next to your heart or frame, sideboard or your wall, for albums or digital files for your own printing or for Facebook or Twitter...or your own website - your choice... We specialise in capturing superb images of couples and families. We also like to cover Corporate Events and provide images for Passport or Driving Licence and Party Pictures. These will be loaded to your own gallery to share with friends and family. We also produce Albums using Loxley Color in Scotland or Graphistudio in Italy. We also provide prints of any size from passport regulation size to posters.
Why not make it an annual experience then you can catalogue the children/grandchildren growing up? Don’t forget the discount we offer for returning clients
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This particular image (left) was ceated for a Client’s 50th wedding anniversary who had the mis-fortune to pick the date of the 1966 World Cup final and has suffered mates’ ridicule for those 50 years. The images around the perimiter are a sample collection over those 50 years all supplied by the eldest daughter. Cost of this would retail at around £450
Family group shots are a speciality and can be in a garden setting or indoors as you wish
We also produce slideshows of your images for your TV or PC on USB stick or DVD. We add music of your choice to the show. Come with a friend to our studio just outside Bedford or we will come to your home. Just ring and book. Or ring and talk. Before you do that, please also consider what change of clothing you will bring to the shoot and the need for a make up artist so that you can gain the most impact with your images. We are also happy to so a VERY early shoot in the local park to gain the best early morning light and solitary use of the park. Don't forget to bring a friend!
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