We produce superb images for your Portfolio. We show images as they are captured in our studio but then we upload those we select ones to a password- protected PRIVATE area on our website for you to select those images that you like. We then enhance those images and re-load to the private section where they can be bought. We could also produce the portfolio for you at cost. Each is priced to your specific requirements and professionally printed in Scotland by Loxley Colour labs. Very often we can negotiate several copies at reduced multi-copy prices provided they are printed at the same time. You may need several copies as Agencies like to keep a range available to show to their Clients. You will need at least 100 shots in your portfolio with a good selection of face shots, full length, and most essential, a change of environment or clothes or both. Consider also your appearance. Do you need a make-up artist or not. If you do we can arrange that for you. There's a lot we can do with the images in post-production but we do not go overboard; there's nothing worse than getting rejected if the Agency thinks you have been misrepresented when they meet you for the interview or audition. We can also put you in touch with Agencies and sometime we are asked directly by Clients for models to show their products, so it's wise to leave a copy of your portfolio with us (or we could borrow one back again). Think too, if you are a new budding Model wanting to make your way into the industry. What sort of modelling do you want to get into? Do you want to be a Model or an Actor? You tell us what range of shots you need and we can oblige. Dont forget some work is available for legs and hands (not that you have to chop them off) but have you ever seen a face on packets of tights? D
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