Photo enhancement

We can restore images you may already have.

Black and White/Sepia

You or someone in your family will have some Black and white prints (monochrome) that are treasured prints. We can add authentic colour to these prints for you to bring them up to date. [EXAMPLES YET TO BE ADDED]
metering. This is normal with amart phones or point and shoot cameras. We have applied exposure correction to the girl and ALSO subtly sharpened the background to produce a much improved image from a cellphone!
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Underexposed Images

We often see images posted on websites and social media sites that are basically just snaps that could do with some enhancement and we can very often improve those images for you at little cost. An example we pulled from a social media site just to give you an example. The main problem with the original image is that the camera defaults to AVERAGE exposure and the composition required either SPOT metering or EVALUATIVE
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